non-partisan economic data

About The Economics Center

The UC Economics Center provides unbiased, non-partisan economic data and analyses that enable clients to make informed financial, policy, and economic and workforce development decisions. For more than 20 years, we have been the choice organization to provide critical data analyses that empower business and civic leaders to respond to changing economic conditions, strengthen local economies, and improve the quality of life for their communities. Our transparent process and collaborative approach make for a true partnership with our clients.

The Economics Center also provides economic and financial education for students and teachers in K-12 grades. Learn more about that work here:

Our Approach

Powerful findings deserve to be powerfully communicated. Therefore, we dynamically tailor project deliverables to meet our clients’ needs and effectively “tell the story.”

Our Expertise

We tackle the hard questions. Utilizing our extensive technical expertise and understanding of a complex and ever-changing economy, we address our clients’ most challenging questions through rigorous, creative, and focused analysis.


Through sophisticated and appropriate analyses of complex economic issues, we distill uncertainty into clearly articulated challenges and opportunities. We provide non-partisan economic data for urban development, healthcare, local government, and more.

Benefits of Working with Us

Resources are scarce. So, we embrace the responsibility to assist our clients in allocating those resources most effectively for themselves and their stakeholders.