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We tackle the hard questions. Utilizing our extensive technical expertise and understanding of a complex and ever-changing economy, we address our clients’ most challenging questions through rigorous, creative, and focused analysis.


Through sophisticated and appropriate analyses of complex economic issues, we distill uncertainty into clearly articulated challenges and opportunities.


Resources are scarce. We embrace the responsibility to assist our clients’ efforts to allocate those resources most effectively for themselves and their stakeholders.


New Research To Measure the Economic Impact of Black-Owned Businesses in Southwest Ohio and Northern Kentucky

On behalf of the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky African American Chamber of Commerce, Center researchers are beginning a new data analysis to measure the economic impact of Black-owned businesses in Southwest Ohio and Northern Kentucky.
And we need Black business owners to help us by filling out a simple survey! Please CLICK HERE for more information,


Center Researchers Deliver Economic Impact Analysis on behalf of CVG Airport

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Center Researchers Measure the Economic Impact of the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden

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The Economic, Fiscal, and Community Benefits of Western & Southern Financial Group

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Measuring the Economic Impact of Black-owned Businesses Within the Southwest Ohio Economy

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Demographic and Employment Overview of the Hispanic Population in the Cincinnati Metropolitan Statistical Area

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The Economic Impact of ChangingGears

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Center Researchers Finish An Economic Impact Study of Black-Owned Businesses in Greater Cincinnati

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Economic Impact Analysis of Dohn Community High School in Cincinnati

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The Economic Impact of Career Technical Education and Training in the State of Ohio

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Economic Impact Analysis of Great Parks of Hamilton County

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The Economic Impact of the Children’s Home of Cincinnati

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Economic Impact Analysis

Uncovering the impacts of an event, project, business, or organization, economic impact analyses measure changes in economic activity, wages, and employment. They often also include additional fiscal impacts, in terms of tax revenue generated.

Public Policy Analysis

We help public officials and other leaders understand the economic implications of policy changes.

Modeling and Statistical Forecasting

Our work has assisted in forecasting revenue streams by examining changes in population, macroeconomic trends, as well as implications of tax policy changes on business sales and government tax collections.

Economic Development

We’ve assisted real estate developers, corporations, and local development agencies in understanding the labor market, as well as the demographics and socioeconomic conditions of employees and businesses located in a certain region. A well-rounded picture of an area’s economy and its potential can aid officials in economic development efforts.

Return on Investment (ROI)

ROI is a performance measure used to express the efficiency of an investment. It quantifies the financial benefit generated relative to an initiative’s cost.

Benefit-Cost Analysis (BCA)

BCAs examine the costs of an investment or project and either the relative monetized benefits or the relative measures of effectiveness. Both types of analyses aid in communicating if a project or investment is worthwhile. In addition, they compare various alternative investments or decision scenarios.

What our clients say

Cincinnati Museum Center

“We have a long history of working with the Economics Center. The analytics the Center provides are an important metric that demonstrates the value of what we bring to our community, beyond the direct arts and cultural facet in which we are traditionally viewed. The Center validates the broader economic value and impact we deliver and enables us to communicate in terms outside of education and entertainment. The studies they have provided give us ways to view our organization and its role within our community differently, and it gives our community a deeper understanding of the significance of Cincinnati Museum Center.”

Elizabeth Pierce, President & CEO
Cincinnati Museum Center

Museum Center, Inc.

“We’re very pleased with the results of this study. Often times, when people think about arts and culture organizations, they do not take into account the economic benefits that come with the educational and entertainment benefits. That was one of our main goals when commissioning this project.”

Douglass W. McDonald, President and CEO
Museum Center, Inc.

Cincinnati Works

“As a research-based organization, Cincinnati Works relies heavily on the type of data and analysis the Economic Center provides. Their ability to analyze economic trends and assess the impact they have on job seekers and workforce development is valuable to the work that we do here at Cincinnati Works.”

Peggy Zink, President
Cincinnati Works

Vehr Communications

“The Economics Center brings analytical expertise and valuable insights that helps our clients to develop and, then, communicate key messages. The research team understands we are in a world increasingly dependent on data for decision making. The Center is an important partner and a valuable resource to our community.”

Nick Vehr, President
Vehr Communications

Newaygo County Economic Development Office

“The Center worked to understand our community and our needs. They developed a set of custom economic indicators for Newaygo County, MI. We believe that this information is critical for expressing unique assets of our community and in making important decisions for our economic vitality.”

Andy Lofgren, Executive Director
Newaygo County Economic Development Office

Cincinnati Zoo

“The team at the Economics Center at the University of Cincinnati really delivered when it came to helping the Cincinnati Zoo communicate our regional impact. Their innovative use of infographics helped us quickly and effectively convey our pretty wide array of messages. The UC team is creative, great to work with, and definitely helped the zoo succeed.”

Thane Maynard, Director
Cincinnati Zoo

Dohn Community High School

“We’re grateful to the UC Economics Center for helping us tell the story of Dohn’s success. Dohn educates Cincinnati’s most vulnerable teens. The Economic Impact and Benefit-Cost Analysis of Dohn Community High School validate that an investment in Dohn students benefits students, their families, and our Greater Cincinnati region for years to come.”

Ramone Davenport, Director
Dohn Community High School

Western & Southern Open

“Nothing helps make your case like numbers. We always knew that our international professional tennis event was big, but never could appreciate the true magnitude until we worked with the Economics Center on a true economic impact study. Since, we’ve used the data to forge countless partnerships in Cincinnati with the end goal of bringing more people and eyeballs to our great city and region.”

Will Sikes, Director, Marketing & Communications
Western & Southern Open

Cradle Cincinnati

“Everyone comes to the issue of preterm birth because of their hearts. So, it’s often easy for stakeholders to overlook the enormous financial incentive to care about the issue. The Economics Center developed a thorough, easy-to-understand business case for investing in prematurity reduction. It’s already helped start new conversations around investment in our work.”

Ryan Adcock, Executive Director
Cradle Cincinnati

The Cadmus Group, Inc.

“The Economics Center has proven to be a great partner and an excellent resource to Cadmus. Their knowledge about the local communityand economy—coupled with their analytic capabilities—have been important components of our evaluation and were very well received by our client. We look forward to our continued collaboration with the Center.”

Jamie Drakos, Sr. Associate
The Cadmus Group, Inc.

Prevention and Public Health Policy

“The Economics Center was a critical partner in the development of the HPIO Health Value Dashboard. They were responsive to our needs, maintained frequent communication, and provided valuable expertise on ranking methodology. We look forward to working with the Economics Center again for the development ofour next Dashboard in 2016.”

Amy Stevens, Director
Prevention and Public Health Policy

Wilmington College

“We needed to communicate the value of our institution in the local community and the Economics Center’s economic impact analysis helped us accomplish that goal. They were very easy to work with and met our expectations. We will certainly utilize their services for economic analysis in the future and would recommend them to others.”

Jim Reynolds, Interim President
Wilmington College

Uptown Consortium, Inc.

“The Uptown Consortium has been drawing on UC Economics Center’s data and insights since we were founded more than 10 years ago. Most recently, we relied on the Center to quantify the economic impact of the Uptown neighborhoods and the new I-71 interchange at Martin Luther King Drive in Uptown. As usual, the Center was responsive, professional and thorough, and its unbiased report has had a galvanizing effect on government, community and business leaders, as they now have a firmer grasp on the potential unleashed by this massive infrastructure project.”

Beth Robinson, CEcD, President & CEO
Uptown Consortium, Inc.

Deerfield Township

“The TIF Model is intuitive, easy and flexible for report to the Township Trustees to help them understand the resources that Deerfield Township may have available. The Trustees really appreciate having a tool that can inform planning for the future, beyond the upcoming year.”

John Wahle, Fiscal Officer
Deerfield Township

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