Economic Impact Analysis of Dohn Community High School in Cincinnati

Center researchers performed an economic impact analysis for Dohn Community High School (Dohn), a charter school in the city of Cincinnati that’s been educating at-risk youth and adult students since 2001. Center researchers looked at Dohn’s expenditures, average earnings of graduates, the demand for public assistance and other factors to evaluate the overall economic impact on the community.

Center researchers found that between fiscal years 2015 and 2019, the total cost of pursuing a high school diploma for Dohn graduates was $21.5 million. The total benefit over the five years after graduation is estimated at $81.5 million. The net benefit of these students graduating from Dohn is $60.0 million, which translates into a benefit-cost ratio of 3.79. In other words, for every $1 spent on education at Dohn for these graduates between fiscal years 2015 and 2019, society will see $3.79 in benefits during the five years after graduation.

And the benefits of a high school diploma build over the course of a person’s time in the workforce. A Dohn graduate is estimated to earn an additional $387,777 over the remainder of his or her career, compared to if he or she hadn’t graduated. Collectively, the 1507 graduates of Dohn are estimated to earn an additional $584.4 million throughout their remaining time in the workforce. And Dohn graduates from fiscal year 2015 through fiscal year 2019 are estimated to save taxpayers $5.5 million in public assistance funds during their remaining time in the workforce.

Dohn’s Executive Director, Mr. Ramone Davenport, said this about the analysis: “We are proud of the successes of our graduates here at Dohn Community High School, and dedicated to continuing this critical work of providing the values-driven curriculum our students need to graduate, and make their way in the world. It’s always been our goal that our students become valued, contributing members of society. This research proves our investment in our young people is worthwhile, and will pay dividends to the community for years to come.”

Here are some of the highlights from this analysis: