The Economic Benefits of Great Oaks Career Campuses

By December 28, 2018Return on Investment
Benefits of Great Oaks

Additional training and certifications a student earns make a difference in their earnings due to an increase in what economists call “human capital.” Great Oaks Career Campuses serve approximately 18,000 middle and high school students. They graduate an average 700 adult learners each year in southwestern Ohio. Each full-time adult certificate program Great Oaks offers is associated with an occupation with average annual earnings above high school graduate earnings of $31,000. Great Oaks’ students and graduates learn important skills that employers value. On average, the return on investment in the fifth year after certificate completion is 273 percent. However, the return on investment varies by degree path. The leaders of this large vocational training system wanted to understand which of their training and degree programs offered the most value to their students by increasing their wages and meeting local market demands.

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